Our Services

We support your corrosion protection projects from the surface preparation to the final acceptance of the coating in accordance with the requirements of the international standards DIN EN ISO 12944 and DIN EN ISO 8501-3.

We have over 30 years of experience in shipbuilding in the fields of work preparation, planning, construction and corrosion protection and have already successfully delivered 18 PSPC ships from the offshore and RoRo area.

Performance Overview:
  • Creation and Maintenance CTF (Coating technical file)
  • PSPC Training
  • Consulting for PSPC processes
  • Construction supervision for new ships and repairs or retrofits
  • Assessment of the corrosion condition
  • Evaluation of old coatings
  • Suitability testing of corrosion protection systems according to different atmospheric conditions, as well as for water, soil and other special loads
  • Selection of protection systems for initial protection, repair and restoration
  • Preparation of tender documents and specifications
  • Review and evaluation of offers
  • Participation in the drafting of contracts
  • Elaboration of design requirements for corrosion protection
  • Inspection of design documents for a meaningful design for corrosion protection

Checks and inspections within the corrosion protection work:
  • Monitoring and checking the quality of corrosion protection for compliance with the specification, in particular the control of climatic conditions, surface preparation, layer build-up, adhesion, layer thickness, porosity and gloss
  • Checking the coating-correct design
  • Participation in the creation of control surfaces
  • Controls and assessments within the warranty period in case of problems