Bridge Industry

Our experienced inspection team supports your construction work such as reconstruction and renovation work in the bridge industry.

Performance Overview:
  • Assessment of the corrosion condition
  • Evaluation of old coatings
  • Suitability testing of corrosion protection systems according to different atmospheric conditions, as well as for water, soil and other special loads
  • Selection of protection systems for initial protection, repair and restoration
  • Preparation of tender documents and specifications
  • Review and evaluation of offers
  • Participation in the drafting of contracts
  • Elaboration of design requirements for corrosion protection
  • Inspection of design documents for a meaningful design for corrosion protection
Checks and inspections within the corrosion protection work:
  • Monitoring and checking the quality of corrosion protection for compliance with the specification, in particular the control of climatic conditions, surface preparation, layer build-up, adhesion, layer thickness, porosity and gloss
  • Checking the coating-correct design
  • Participation in the creation of control surfaces
  • Controls and assessments within the warranty period in case of problems